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The Journey to Recovery With An In Home Caregiver in King of Prussia, PA

Create a customized elderly home care plan to support your loved one's transition home to recover

The time immediately after a hospital stay can be critical to the health and recovery of a loved one.  Studies show that the lack of proper support and care following surgery or a serious hospitalization can lead to slower recovery or even readmission to the hospital.  Family members often take on the task of caring for a loved one after a hospital stay but can find they were untrained or ill prepared to meet the physical and emotional challenges of such care.  That is why Comfort Keepers® offers the services of an in home caregiver to ease the transition home. 

What is Transitioning Elderly Home Care?

This specialized care helps ease your loved one’s transition from a hospital stay to the home. Some of the services Comfort Keepers can provide includes the following:

  • Support of the care plan to aid the recovery process;
  • Medication monitoring -- newly or previously prescribed;
  • Care coordination focused on optimal recovery and reduced chance of readmission;
  • Collaboration with the medical team as needed;
  • Assistance with household activities and responsibilities, including meal preparation, housekeeping, and running errands;
  • Incidental transportation for follow-up visits;
  • Peace of mind for family and friends.

How Comfort Keepers Can Help

In addition the traditional elderly home care services Comfort Keepers provides, an in home caregiver is able to adapt services to accommodate clients with specific medical needs such as:

In 2012, Comfort Keepers Springfield and King of Prussia implemented a transition to home program focused on care coordination that promoted the health and safety of its clients discharged from a hospital or rehab setting.  Through its Transitioning Home Program, 96% of Comfort Keepers' clients coming home from the hospital or from rehab maintained their home status for at least 30 days following discharge from a hospital or rehab setting.  This 30-day period immediately following discharge is a critical time in a patient's rehabilitation.  Among Medicare patients, 20% of patients who are discharged from a hospital are readmitted within 30 days of discharge.*

Health systems today are recognizing the proven benefits that increased attention at home and collaboration among medical professionals offer to patients being discharged from the hospital.  Our goal at Comfort Keepers is to assist our clients to recover well at home, reduce our client's risk of readmission and facilitate recovery in collaboration with those health professionals involved in our client's care.  Comfort Keepers' Care Coordination Team will work with the hospital discharge planners to coordinate and put in place a personalized plan of care.  Our in home caregiver team, under the direction of our Care Coordination Team, will carry out the plan of care providing a one-on-one interaction with your loved one back in their homes. 

Let Comfort Keepers help guide you safely through the transition process.  We offer clients peace of mind and can help with the recovery once your loved one returns home.  We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  With our unique pricing methods, our elderly home care services can fit any budget.  



* Jencks SF, Williams MV, Coleman EA.  Rehospitalizations among patients in the Medicare fee-for-service program.  N Engl J Med 2009; 360:1418.



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